Student Testimonial

   2021 intake


The University of Hong Kong has a long history of more than 100 years. This world-renowned higher education institution gathers eminent scholars from all over the world while integrates the essence of Chinese and Western cultures. HKU EMBA alumni are leaders from their own industries. During the HKU EMBA courses and social activities, alumni have great opportunities to communicate with each other and encourage one another, and we all gained a lot.

Studying in the HKU EMBA Programme is like enjoying a rich feast, allowing everyone to enjoy an endless stream of business knowledge, receive accurate market information, explore and analyze Chinese and foreign business
cases, and then translate into business, management and life wisdom, which will benefit for life.


Studying at the HKU EMBA Programme, we have not only learned the irreplaceable international vision, but also systematically upgraded our ways of thinking. The tailor-made learning programmes of HKU have enabled us to develop a problem-solving mindset in the frontier of management theory and business studies, which will become the most valuable wealth in our career development.

Meanwhile, I am greatly inspired by the personal experiences shared by a group of passionate elites from various industries! I have not only broadened my vision, but also gained invaluable friendships which is hard to acquire at my age!

There is an old saying from a Chinese military general, the application of knowledge are the necessities of life. We should give up under no circumstances, and we must maintain a positive attitude to fully discover our own potential, which is perfectly in line with what Sapientia et Virtus, the motto of HKU represents.

   2020 级intake


When I think of Hong Kong, the first word that comesto my mind is“Jianghu”, a word that is used to describe the chivalrous spirit. When I made my decision to study at HKU EMBA in 2020, it was the time when COVID-19 pandemic was raging all over the world, plunging people even the whole country into anxiety and confusion. The centurial background, profound knowledge base, international vision and social responsibility of HKU are like the moonlight that brightens my way forward.

Two years have passed and we are about to graduate. It seems to me that I have been used to spending time with classmates and professors every month on analyzing cases, exchanging ideas on different issues, distinguishing
between right and wrong and sharing previous experiences with each other.
One of the wisest choices I have ever made in the past two years was to become a member of HKU EMBA Programme. It is to my belief that the most important investment is always to invest in yourself.
I think no matter what you consider the purpose of studying in the HKU EMBA Programme, you will not return resentfully, because there must be some unexpected surprises. I am looking forward to seeing more intelligent and aspiring people to join me in the journey of HKU and experience “Jianghu” together.


It was the right choice for me to study at HKU EMBA in the year of the pandemic and the most turbulent years of the global economy. I not only combed the original knowledge system, supplemented all kinds of unknown industry knowledge, but also opened up a path for myself to create good wishes and achieve good abilities by learning the crisis management of outstanding students.

With the help of the excellent platform of the University of Hong Kong, our class successfully held a series of forums that covers a wide range of topics on economy, business, technology and law, etc. Hope to witness the magnificent transformation of everyone and the great integration of the times.

   2019 intake


From my 29 years of experience in doing business, I fully realize that, only with the courage to accept challenges can we achieve personal development. I joined the HKU EMBA program to challenge my learning potential and train my fighting spirit, aiming to be inspired by learning with people who are innovative and ambitious and to constantly evolve on this great platform.


Exceptional lectures and inspiring communication between fellow classmates allow me to see behind the complex economic world and adopt new ways of thinking in a short period of time. As the saying goes, “it is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books”. But it is even better to have a guide. The faculty and peers of this programme are just like our guides, leading me to find the truth.


HKU EMBA 19-class consists of over 70 students from various background such as finance, technology, construction real estate, lawyers and media. It is invaluable for me to have this opportunity to study with people who are outstanding leaders in their respective fields. Professors are all happy and open to discuss and exchange opinions with students. In the process, our creativity is constantly being stimulated. This kind of learning experience is in no doubt valuable and meaningful.


The most appealing feature of the course is the unique experience and unparalleled perspectives to students. The diversity in students’ backgrounds is also an advantage. Excellent classmates with positive energy are always willing to provide new insights and interesting experience. Whenever encountering problems or hardship, I know I can count on my peers who are trustworthy mentors not only academically, but also personally.


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